Thursday, January 30, 2014

You are stronger than your bully

Recently found out that [______] and the mistress-wife believe I am "a bully" for publishing this book about my life and lessons learned.  This certainly made me chuckle.

I believe when someone has such negative thoughts about you, those thoughts are a reflection of their own conflicts within themselves.  Some notion or event in their life that they are struggling with coming to terms.

Sure, the past Angie would perhaps get a little upset by these sort of labels and accusations.  Now, I find humor and peace knowing that I am at a higher level.  Words are shrugged off like a wool coat on a hot summer day.

Perhaps you are in the process of growing stronger against personal attacks such as these.  Good for you.  It may not be easy, though you will love yourself much deeper as you learn to laugh before yelling.

In honor of this, I will be giving away copies of Divorcing A [______] (while supplies last).  If you are local, I would be more than happy to meet and give you your copy.  If there is some distant, I ask that you pay for shipping.  Email me for more info.

Hunter Hayes sang this at the 2014 Grammys, "Invisible:"

Enjoy the day,

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